About Us

Chicago Luxury Limousine Apartment Search is the luxury rental finding service team for Soloma Realty dba. Our Individual segment helps people moving to the downtown Chicago area find the perfect rental for them. Our Corporate segment helps hiring professionals for large corporations find new hire transplant employees a new and nice rental apartment home for their first year in downtown Chicago.

Our professionals are experienced and well versed in residential rental real estate, particularly focusing in the downtown Chicago. We help people find a comfortable apartment home in downtown Chicago. We make finding your new apartment home efficient, professional and straightforward.

When using our service for finding a downtown Chicago high-rise apartment, our customer will typically have a more favorable searching experience, feel more confident about their final choice, meet other transplant professionals and – in many cases – save upwards of $1,000. There truly is no reason not to use our service. So what are you waiting for?

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